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Jobzdojo is a company which teaches people how to get themselves jobs in New Zealand.

Here you'll find job search tools and resources to turn your job offer into reality.

We teach you the best strategy on how to get yourself a job in NZ, and we'll show you a clear, step-by-step path to follow on how to use your time and money effectively, how to market yourself and your skills so you stand out from the other candidates, and how to find hidden opportunities in the New Zealand job market to maximise your success.


Jobzdojo has a team of professional and experienced job search coaches who specialise in training migrants, immigrants, expats, and even returning Kiwi's, on how to get a job in New Zealand. We do this by teaching small, hands-on job search training workshops where we can focus on each person's situation. After the workshop, attendees are entered into the on-going training program where they have access to the online training videos and resources, job search coaches, Jobzdojo Partners and the Jobzdojo Alumni Network to leverage off of during their job search.  


The Jobzdojo Partners are there to assist you on your 'Moving to New Zealand' and local job search journey, from our network of trusted Immigration Advisors, to Financial advice, help with accommodation etc. to our own hand-picked recruiters in various industries (such as marketing, industrial, construction, hospitality, retail and IT to name a few) who specialise in marketing and assisting our Jobzdojo Members from their own companies.



The founders, and many of the Jobzdojo staff can tell you, first-hand, how challenging and exciting it is to get a job offer in New Zealand, and then to bring their families over to live and work in NZ. Members of the Jobzdojo Alumni do it daily and so the support you'll receive as part of our program is a combination of a professional, experienced knowledge-base and of those going through what you are as well.

Ultimately, you're the one responsible for your own destiny, and most often for brining your family over as well. It's a thrilling journey, yet can be scary, lonely or uncertain at times. Fortunately, you don't have to do this journey alone. And you don't need to waste time, money and effort on finding your own way because Jobzdojo has already done that for you, and countless others, who've got themselves jobs using The Jobzdojo Program over the last 3 years.


With the tools and resources you'll find here at Jobzdojo, you have everything you need to achieve your goals and successfully get yourself the job you need to live and work in New Zealand. So take a minute to browse around the website, join our free community, and make it a habit to learn as much as you can.


Over the last 7 years, we've gained valuable insight into New Zealand businesses, the hiring cycle and the best way to get a job in NZ and make the move over here from another country. Much of this, and the skills we've acquired along the way, we've learned the hard way. It's cost us time, money, huge effort, life experiences, professional advice and trial and error.

Everything we've learned, we've compiled into the Premium Online DIY Job Search Course specifically for skilled professionals who want to get themselves a job and live and work in New Zealand: The Premium NZ Job Search Course.

This online course will give you everything you need to successfully get yourself a job in NZ - Inside, you'll find step-by-step instructional lessons on everything from the basics of how to research effectively, to where to start your journey, how to lay the foundation correctly for your job search and prepare your job search tools (Personal Branding, NZ CV, Cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles etc), to the business side of things like how NZ companies hire and how to market yourself (even if you're introverted).



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