4 things most hiring managers want to see on a CV


What Hiring Managers Want To See On Your CV

"Hiring Manager" is not a job title; it's a job function that forms part of the responsibilities a line manager has. The hiring manager might be a PMO Manager that needs to recruit a Project Manager. The last thing a PMO Manager wants to spend countless hours on is recruitment, as he/she has project deliverables that are due, so the less time he/she has to spend on recruitment, and the easier it is made for him/her, the better. One way to make it easier for him/her is to send him/her a CV that'll show him/her why you need to be brought in for an interview.

Here are the top 4 things the hiring manager will want to see on your CV:

  1. Your current title, industry, and tenure:
    The whole aim of your CV should be to get the hiring manager to relate to you, and the first opportunity you get for this is in your profile overview. Match your title to the role you are applying to, show that you come from a similar industry and that you've worked in the industry for a number of years. This should be enough to show the hiring manager that you are starting to align to his/her requirements.
  2. A list of skills that are pertinent to the role: 
    Only list the skills that you know relates to the job. Any skills that are not required for the job would be classed as waffle and are superfluous. It is also advised to list the skills that make you great at your job- the skills that set you apart from many other candidates.
  3. Some project related experience / key achievements: 
    This is where previous research comes in handy. From your research, you could determine what projects they are working on that relate to your experience and background, for which of your key achievements would be beneficial to the business. Show him/her that you've been in the trenches and that you'll be able to hit the ground running.
  4. Career history that includes descriptions of past employers: 
    If you don't describe the companies you've worked for, including what they're known for in the market, their size, and what industry they're in, then the hiring manager will find it difficult to relate to the information. Remember that he/she does not necessarily know the companies. 

There are very few hiring managers that won't look out for the 4 things mentioned above, so make sure that you take heed; check yourself before you wreck yourself.