Are CVs Absolute in The Job Search Process?

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Times they are a changing

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Whether we like it or not, the world is rapidly changing around us, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in the online space and the focus on social media.  If we look at it from a recruitment/job hunter point of view, simply having a CV is no longer enough for most corporations. No longer content with just your work experience and skills, organisation’s now want to know who you really are, what makes you tick and equally as important- who you know.

All of this brings me to the point of today’s article, and it was sparked by a candidate of mine asking if there was any point in having a CV, or should he just direct companies to his LinkedIn profile? It’s an interesting question and one I doubt this person is alone in pondering. So, what do I think? As of the early half of 2016, I believe they are just as important as each other. From a recruiter’s point of view, I actually get more value out of a candidate's LinkedIn profile (provided it is correctly and thoroughly populated) than I do out of their CV, and in many cases, I simply send my clients a PDF of the candidates LinkedIn profile as opposed to a CV.

LinkedIn, in particular, is a fantastic platform for job seekers and recruiters alike as it allows a candidate to include everything they would otherwise have in their CV, including work experience, project experience, and skillset, all laid out nicely to read, but as I mentioned earlier, I can also see who this candidate knows, who they may have worked with in the past on certain projects as well as the recommendations they have received. It’s the social aspect of a social media profile that provides an advantage to hiring managers over a CV.

But despite the obvious benefit of a well populated and correctly managed LinkedIn profile, the reality is, some companies are still not geared up in their recruitment process to make do without a candidate's CV. The use of automated tracking systems (popular within the HR departments of most large companies) rely on documented CV’s to pick out key words and phrases. Even the majority of job boards still require a CV to be uploaded, rather than just a link to your LinkedIn profile. It’s for these reasons alone I recommend still paying attention to your CV if you are applying for jobs directly. For those of you who partner up with a quality headhunter- the likes of CareerJunctionLtd say, then a well-crafted, properly populated LinkedIn profile should do just fine.

‘The times they are a-changing’, but the CV lives to fight another day – for now.


Eamonn Dunn

920 Recruitment, Auckland