How To Find Companies To Research In Your Job Search


Search for Your Next Boss

A couple job seekers were talking about their struggles with the job search process: “We don’t know which companies to look for!” they expressed.

It’s true — they’d been advised to find 5 companies to target for their job search: “Make a list of the companies then start to research them in full, from their culture to their vision, to what they do and what projects they’re working on to who works there and what problem they’re experiencing that you can help them solve.” It’s understandable to not know where to look or how to search online for companies when you don’t know any of them by name. People usually end up asking for suggestions and then work from there, but for me this is also a very short road to travel because before long they end up having to ask for more suggestions. However, there is an easier solution to finding your next company, and that is simply to look for your next boss.

Let me explain: When searching for your next job, you should already know which role you want to fulfill and the industry you’d like to work in. You should also know which role your superior that you’ll report to should hold. You already hold the key to finding the company you want to research because that person, who could be your next boss, works at a company. Naturally, you should be searching for your next boss then right?

LinkedIn has you covered for your search. Log on and click the ‘Advanced’ search text at the top of the homepage. A new Advanced Search page will open up and you can select the options you want. Make sure you’ve selected the ‘People’ option, then fill out your bosses job title, check ‘current’ underneath and work your way through the ‘Relationship’, ‘Location’ and ‘Industry’ settings. If you have a premium account you can add ‘Groups’ and ‘Seniority Level’ as a bonus to your search.

Click search and you’ll be inundated with options for new bosses — read through a couple of the profiles and take your pick. Each profile will come along with a complimentary company for your to research. Congratulations — you’ve killed two birds with one stone on your job search! You now have the name of the Hiring Manager you want to meet with and the company to research.

Don’t forget amidst all this excitement that you still need to get hold of the Hiring Manager for a coffee catch-up where you can chat about what’s going on in the company and get a feel for a possible professional work relationship with your new boss. If it’s a match then you’re one step closer to working out the finer details such as interview dates, CV, and such paperwork and if all goes to plan, the work contract. So search for your next boss, and the company will naturally follow.

Lauren Yeoman