The Newest Addition to Team Jobzdojo

Meet Jason Alexander, the newest addition to the Jobzdojo Team. Fresh off the boat, he'll add another dimension when assisting job seekers to get themselves jobs in New Zealand. Something he did for himself and his family recently. Not only did he secure offers from other companies, we were fortunate enough to persuade him to work with us. Click through to read his story and how it relates to you.

The Newest Addition to Team Jobzdojo

We are excited to introduce you to our newest member of our team, Jason Alexander. He's joining us to assist with the video side of things and as an intricate part of our support team. Fortunately, we were able to persuade him to join our team just as he almost committed to another offer and we are overjoyed to have him with us because we know he is going to make such a difference to our member's experience of the program. Here's a little conversation we had earlier this morning about how he came to be with us, and his experience of job search in New Zealand from a South African point of view. 

Lauren: Hi Jason, Welcome to the Jobzdojo Team! I’m already celebrating with my bottle of wine. 

Jason: Is that New Zealand wine I hope?

Lauren: Yes it is. I mean, we get a lot of other wines here which I've tried, both cheap and more expensive… from France, Italy, Australia and we get South African wine but this is good old New Zealand wine today. 

Jason: I actually had some nice wine when I was on Waiheke Island when I was there. 

Lauren: Nice! Ah! That actually reminds me I’ve got something that might make you quite happy.

Music plays: ‘It’s been raining for so long’

Jason: Hey! That’s my song! That’s my New Zealand anthem!

Lauren: Yeah, you know this song right?!

Jason: I know that song really well because when I did a little celebratory trip to Christchurch with my friend – we listened to it 200 hundred times between Christchurch and Greymouth when we were on our way to Montieth’s Brewery. And that song… apparently in New Zealand in any party that you go to if people are sitting down and you want to get them to dance, you play that song. It’s called ‘Rain’ by a band called Dragon. (Click here to listen!)

Lauren: Yes, it’s like a 'cult' song here.
(*very popular with a huge following)

Jason: Ja! Very cool. I’m impressed that you played that song ‘cos it’s appropriate. 

Lauren: Well that’s us - we’re all about research and we try and get to know who people are. So you said that was your second trip right? To New Zealand, because your first one was a bit of a flop.

Jason: Yes. I think I was fortunate in that I was able to do two trips, but the first trip was not very good and I think the reason for that was quite simple, um, I didn’t really know what I was doing in terms of trying to break into the market. So I had no idea, and it was a bit of a wake-up call. You know as a South African and as someone who has been successful here I thought things would just happen naturally in a new country and the new culture… it was quite daunting. Very very daunting!

Lauren: Yes. In a way it’s quite similar to South African culture and yet because of that it can be quite jarring because the New Zealand culture is kind of similar so you feel like it could be comfortable and you get lulled into it, and then suddenly there’s that jar which is quite different  and a lot of the things we take for granted are actually interpreted very differently over here so I can understand how you felt like that at times.

Jason: Yes, exactly. So it’s wasn’t a good trip. But I did learn a lot, and I learnt what I needed to do - but I didn’t know exactly what to do or how to go about doing it. So, in other words, I knew that I had to do things differently because what I was doing clearly wasn’t working. Fortunately, my wife actually came across Jobzdojo and there was a webinar that was presented by you guys and that was the first webinar that I did. And that really blew my mind because it was the something that I had been looking for and it was a ‘How to’ approach to New Zealand and then there was a second webinar and then there was a workshop. And when I found out about the workshop in South Africa I jumped at that opportunity because I wanted to sink my teeth into it so I went to the workshop and I met Leon and the guys and it was amazing! It was a huge inspiration for the second trip. 

Lauren: Good! So at the workshop you came to understand the step-by-step strategy, what you needed to do, where you were going wrong, and you were able to prepare yourself for the second trip – you were really prepared when you came over here. You followed it to a ’T’.

Jason: Yes, yes! And I think what was really great was that I tried my best to follow all the steps and just as the program allows I was able to modify a few steps which you can do to a degree as it depends on what field you’re in and what works. But the thing is that the simple method, as it is laid out, works. At the end of the day you just need to follow those steps and that’s motivating because you can start seeing results quite quickly.

Lauren: That’s something I really like about the program as well, because we’ve had people from different industries and job roles like accountants, and you’re in the media industry and we’ve had lots of admin personnel and PA’s and the obvious more prominent sectors like the IT, Industrial and Medical positions here. We’ve had so many different people come through the program and just like you said, they take the program for what it is they follow the steps and then you make those changes tailored to you and your personal situation and that;s what we help you do as well you know, because we know that each person is different…

Jason: Ja, and if I can just add, you know I think the greatest thing about it was that it enabled me to build up a network in New Zealand very very quickly. In fact, you know, apart from just meeting with people about job opportunities, it was great because I actually got to meet just everybody and at one point I said to a friend ‘Dude, I gotta start writing names down because I’m gonna lose track of who I need to see. And the network which I built up, even before I arrived in NZ, was great because I was able to come to New Zealand and just see all these people from the start and hit the ground running. And the second time round I felt more like I was becoming part of the place. 

Lauren: That’s fantastic! We’re really looking forward to you showing our members exactly how you did that by using the Jobzdojo Method because you did really well with that and it’s something that a lot of people struggle with and so it’s one of the things in the program that we really try and focus on which is why we’ve got those templates, we’ve got instructions on how to write the letters, what to say and how to say it because you know the etiquette here is different and so it’s important to know and understand the best way to approach people here and what is expected of you. Once you know that and once you know what you’re doing and how to do itand what kind of people you should be approaching it’s like you say the networking just starts working for you and that’s fantastic as it’s quite a large part of one’s job search journey. 

Jason: Well exactly, you hit the nail on the head. 

Lauren: And that’s why we just had to have you as part of our team and we’re so stoked to have you with us and able to add another dimension to the way we can encourage and show people how to proactively job search. It’s not easy when you don’t understand these things and it’s not that anyone can’t do it - it’s just that it takes a lot of trial and error, time and money to do that which our program saves you, as you experienced first hand. So thank you for joining us - I know you’re going to help us help many more people to get themselves jobs successfully and move over here. 

So! This is Jason Alexander, our newest member to Team Jobzdojo. 

Jason: Yes and it’s going to be awesome because I’ve just been through it, I’m fresh off the boat and I understand the pain and suffering one can go through. But I also know that if you just follow Jobzdojo’s methods it just takes a lot of the stress away, and that’s what it does. It takes a lot of the stress away because it makes you realise what you need to do and keeps you focussed on that and you start seeing results and that’s motivating. And I’ll be your cheerleader! 

Lauren: Get ready to see a lot more of us then! Because with Jason’s help - now that we’ve got someone who specialises in video, he’s gonna be there doing our testimonials, doing case studies which will truly provide much real life experience and information for you - I love those as they are so valuable to our members - and he’s going to be there answering your questions and documenting them on camera so we can share what we know and what you are experiencing the whole way. And all of this you can learn from. So if you have any questions you can let us know by emailing or Facebook us

Jason’s actually in South Africa at the moment, so if you’re around there you can always email him on and organise to meet up with him at our seminar which he’ll be doing before he comes over this month. We are going to be in South Africa doing workshops in November and we have our virtual workshops around the 26th of this month which you can buy tickets for. And we’ll be in the UK and America as well so we look forward seeing you and hearing from you. 

Welcome Jason, we are so happy to have you join our team!

Jason: And I’m so stoked to be part of the team. And I’m looking forward to helping people to get themselves jobs in New Zealand. So thank you!

Lauren: Alright, thanks for joining us if you’re still watching and goodbye until next time!

Lauren Yeoman