Life After The Job Search

Career building: life after the job search

The article below is written by Leon van Niekerk for CareerJunctionLtd, our IT talent management company. We thought it’s worth sharing with you job seekers as by now a lot of you are safely in your jobs and we believe knowing what’s going on in the job market helps you to make the best career choices moving forward, and keeps you in the running when you’re ready for a change. The Ted Talk mentioned at the end of the video makes you realise how important it is for you to grow your own personal brand, and what your worth is in your position and future in job search. Remember – even though you may not be seeking employment, to recruiters and hiring managers you are still seen as candidates they could one day place. So keep building your career and add value to your personal brand so you can be ready when the opportunity arises.


How can contracting assist in alleviating the talent/skills shortage?

Let’s face it: there are not enough skilled people to fill all the skilled jobs in the world – and no country is spared from this dilemma. Companies are all competing for the same resources in the market, and in a small market like that of New Zealand, it becomes increasingly difficult to win. That is why it’s so important to have a great corporate brand that resonates with the candidates in the market, and to be a company that skilled professionals want to work for. Companies that get this right will at least have less of an issue to fill all their roles. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll still sit with a deficit, and they’d still need to find creative ways to fill the empty seats.

Enter, contracting. Some companies in NZ have been able to solve their resource issues by bringing contractors on board – especially companies that are project driven. As long as there are projects to deliver, and resources required to deliver those projects, hiring contractors is a great way to manage the demand. A couple of things to look at here are:

  1. Candidate short market.

  2. Where there is a shortage of candidates in a market, candidates could do really well for themselves by going into contracting as the income potential is good and the risk of being out of a contract for any length of time is quite low. Also, with the amount of projects on the go in the market, it’s a great time for a contractor to rack up project experience, which builds credibility and marketability in the long run. Our CareerJunctionLtd contractors know the value of building credibility, and we help them with this by working with the best companies, with great projects and opportunities, and with other great contract talent in the market. We are also acutely aware of the shortage of skilled talent in the market and we make sure that our contractors are treated well: by making sure they are paid what they are worth, paid on time, work on the projects they are most interested in, and that they work with companies that value their expertise.

  3. Redundancy isn’t an issue.

  4. Companies that have to increase staff because of new projects, business growth and/or short term organizational change, would find it difficult to find enough skilled professionals to fill the requirements on a permanent basis, but that isn’t the main concern. If projects start drying up, or the business starts to decline and/or the organizational change is complete, then chances are that some people would have to be made redundant, which is costly and has a negative impact on a business in a number of ways. The answer is to bring contractors on board, as the contract term could be finite, and once the contract term ends, there is no further obligation of employment from the company- nice and clean. CareerJunctionLtd is a solid partner in this respect, and companies benefit from our agility in finding the best contractors in the market on short notice. We have built credibility in the market by only working with our network when sourcing candidates, so we personally know our contractors and what their capabilities are, and in most cases, once a contract expires, we would already have another contract opportunity for our contractor to engage with so the transition is smooth.

The skilled worker deficit won’t be solved anytime soon, but the issue can be alleviated by resourcing smarter. We believe that by using contractors in your business, the pain will be eased. Here is a TED Talk that was an eye opener for me to watch, and it relates to a global skills shortage crisis in just 15 years: The Workforce Crisis of 2030