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Jobzdojo Beer Pong Championships

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Presenting The Jobzdojo Beer Pong Championships of The World!

After a long year of working hard and hustling for jobs, we look forward to letting our hair down, having some laughs and playing a friendly (wink) game of Beer Pong. Relationships are what drive us and this is a great opportunity for you to come along and hang out with us, so we can get to know each other better.

On that note, you’re cordially invited by The Jobzdojo Team, together with a couple of our partners from Indus Recruitment and IAA, to the most EPIC end-of-year party you’ll probably ever attend, together with your friends and family - the more the merrier!

Starting at 18:30pm at our local jol (hangout), Cranks Bar in Albany, you’ll find us by the three Beer Pong tables, and the live band on December 1st. If you haven’t met us in person yet, look out for Leon(big guy with glasses), Jason (big guy without glasses), Neil (big, semi-bald guy) or me (small blonde lady). 

The Beer Pong Championships will begin around 7pm, and you’ll need to put your name down with Neil to enter. If you’re not into drinking beer, you can still play because, just like we don’t do the run-of-the-mill job search method, we also don’t play run-of-the-mill beer pong either. Instead of drinking out of the cups, you’ll have your own drinks or shooters ready to ‘down’ or eloquently sip when your opponent sinks the ping pong ball in the cup. We decided this is just as good after watching a couple people play who hadn’t even had a drink yet. The winner of the evening will be awarded a hand-crafted beer pong table made by André van Niekerk himself (beautiful table!), and other prizes like a $100 bar tab or vouchers to spend on Christmas presents will be won.

I’m still working on seeing what I can organise in terms of discounts from Uber Cabs to get us all home safely at the end of the night. Even though the NZ Police can do ‘the walking man’ I don’t think they’ll appreciate your rendition of it when they stop you for DUI - so please either take a cab or organise a sober driver. Your designated driver will have to take part in the voice-changing-helium balloon game we’re also going to be playing to get in on the fun too.

We believe in doing things well and professionally, even though we conduct ourselves in a comfortable manner that suits our Job Seekers, Hiring Managers and Partners. One of the most repeated sentences about the NZ culture beside the ‘work/life balance’ phrase is that this is a social country. And what a pleasure it will be to have you experience this for yourself with us and some of our local partners!

If you have any questions, you’re most welcome to flick me an email on or Jason Alexander one on

Fill in the form below to let us know you’re coming, and click here to join our Facebook group called ‘Get Yourself a Job in NZ with Jobzdojo so we can hang out online before the party, and chat about your job search.


Cheers for now,


Lauren Yeoman