The Worst Version Of Yourself in A Job Interview

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The Jaded Candidate

You know the old saying “always be yourself”? Of course you do, your parents have been saying it to you all your life! But do you know what? Sometimes, being yourself is the worst thing you can do when it comes working for a new organisation.

Now before we go any deeper, allow me to clarify exactly what I mean here. I’m certainly not suggesting you should portray the image of someone you aren’t, or talk up skills you definitely don’t have. What I’m saying is, when it comes to working for a new company, or even interviewing for one, you have to leave your emotional baggage at the door and start fresh with a positive frame of mind.

Something almost all of us in the recruitment game have experienced is the ‘jaded’ candidate. This candidate has been transformed by the processes or bureaucracy, poor management or even colleague incompetency to become a negative bundle of sarcasm and pessimism – especially when it comes to change and new ideas. Candidates like these are often extremely good at their jobs, but have been let down by those they work with and for, which results in an attitude that can be hard to handle, particularly in a new environment where those issues don’t exist.

If you identify yourself as a ‘jaded’ candidate, then well done! This is the first step in your road to recovery. If you’re a jaded candidate that has decided to move on from the organization that has made you so – then congratulations, you’re doing even better! But here’s where the real change needs to occur if you ever want to escape this pessimistic prison; you need to leave the emotional baggage at the door, before you walk into an interview. You’ve already made the decision to leave your current hell, so why still be dark and negative with regards to the work you do? Turning up for an interview where you describe how awful your current job is, doesn’t make an interviewer want to hire you, it makes you seem as if you’re a negative person that is going to bring down the atmosphere of the company you are applying for. Interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate the benefit you could bring to an organization. You should be full of excitement, positivity and ambition, as this will radiate amongst those interviewing you and you will then be associated with capability and positivity, which will go a long way to getting you into a role you will truly enjoy.

If you’re a jaded candidate, remember that there is a reason that not everyone in your profession is like this. Not all companies are run the way your current employer is and filling an interview room with negativity is never going to be your ticket to paradise. Rather than dwindling on the negatives, focus on your passion and the positives you know you can bring to the table.

Don’t be that jaded version of yourself.



Eamonn Dunn

920 Recruitment, Auckland