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We are a team of job search coaches and recruiters who specialise in teaching people how to get themselves jobs in New Zealand. Our aim is to save people time, money and unnecessary effort by providing a proven step-by-step process and a local network to leverage off for those who are looking for work in NZ. This is achieved by teaching The Jobzdojo Job Search Method through The Jobzdojo Program.

Originally taught through workshops, as the success of the program grew more people asked to take the program in their own time and the workshops were converted into an online course, allowing people to rewatch each lesson whenever they needed a recap.

Just like the workshops, the course is supplemented with a live member's only support and networking group, online meetings, a monthly local NZ networking evening, and the friendly Jobzdojo Headquarters in Auckland.

Jobzdojo will give you the tools, knowledge and support you need to get yourself a job in New Zealand. Join us today!



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